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The decisions you make on how you spend your money will either make or break your College budget. There are many ways to obtain the money necessary to survive your College years ahead of you. Encompassing the entire College spectrum from financial aid, grants, loans, work-study to cost effective housing, meals, textbooks and transportation to making money part time right from your study desk... we will show you how to avoid that dreadful nightmare of having to come down to a zero or worse yet… a negative balance! Remember, without the pennies, there would be no dollars! Everything involved within your College career simply adds up… start your College financial plan today.

What is the purpose of the College Survival Book?

For roughly the cost of a good meal at a restaurant, to simply purchasing a pair of inexpensive blue jeans which will eventually be worn out over time and no longer reside in your wardrobe… the College Survival Book can be purchased for a very low onetime cost for your entire College and educational career. It will not only last you the full 4 years at College but will also be a great resource throughout your post College life.

We are here to provide you with information about how to choose the right College or University, be well prepared for the application process, successfully transition from High School to your new College and campus life, find and apply on-time for financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships, work-study and much more.

We also include how to obtain the College information you are interested in, financial information that is truly priceless, student life and much more! We match your personal and College educational interests with definitive information to help you succeed in selecting and going to the College of your choice.

We also provide you with the latest inside information on the entire admissions process, financial aid you may qualify for, College planning, all aspects of campus life... the list goes on!

Take a moment to look at the following information which is an overview of some of the great resources you will find in the College Survival Book.

Financial Matters And Budgeting

How to get free bank services for all College students.

  • Includes initial account set-up, checks and deposit slips as well as ongoing monthly bank fees waived while going to College.

How to avoid phone fraud scams.

Automatic teller machines (ATM) / Debit card usage and safekeeping.

Available savings and investment accounts for all students.

Budgeting your money while at College.

  • Projection and budgeting expenditures / free worksheets included!
  • Classroom, financial, housing, miscellaneous expenses, transportation and much more!

How to record your expenses and stay well organized.

Additional Expenses And Available Savings

Your motor vehicle insurance requirements and reducing your overall expenses.

Free local business student discounts available to you as an incoming student.

Health insurance options for your consideration.

  • Free campus health services available to you.

Reducing your living expenses easily the first time.

Gift certificates currently available for students.

How to reduce your grocery bill at least 40% to 50% or more every time you go shopping.

  • Making your shopping list / free list included for your guaranteed savings every time!

How to get free item rebates and manufacturer’s coupons available just for the asking.

Long Distance Calling / Phone Service

Long distance calling options available to all College students.

  • Free telephone service provider information included for your use.

How to safe-keep your private information from others while on campus.

How to establish your personal credit and making timely payments easily.

Available rechargeable calling card and telecard options for your consideration.

Cell phone usage / pre-paid cell plans while at College.

  • No contract usage options to consider.

Residential long distance options currently available to you.

  • Making long distance calls while at College and having 100% free service.

Buying Discounted Textbooks

How to control your textbook costs before starting College.

  • Retail, wholesale and free textbook analysis included.

Buying at the campus bookstore and what that will ultimately cost you.

Where to buy your textbooks off campus and save money now.

Utilizing your professors and the library.

Other places to purchase your textbooks can be found at. (buy this book!).

  • How to find materials for upcoming semesters easily.
  • Includes alternative classroom materials and used textbook resources.

Selling Your Textbooks

How to easily avoid campus bookstore profits.

How to sell your textbooks effortlessly both on and off campus.

Understanding how to make the most of departmental classmates and how they can assist you.

Employment Options While Attending College

Summertime employment options available to you.

Creating an effective resume.

Includes free sample resume template.

Incoming freshman students and employment opportunities available on campus.

  • Includes work-study options and resident assistant (R.A.) positions.

Understanding credit hours earned.

Off-campus employment options you may be missing.

Available internships for your consideration.

OnLine sales opportunities available to you.

Additional Money Making Ideas While At College

Creating a marketplace while attending College.

Entrepreneurial opportunities for your consideration.

Billing for your time and efforts made simple.

Advertising the first time around while at school.

  • Includes free campus marketing strategies and effective examples to use.

Independent associate business opportunities you can utilize.

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