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What is the purpose of the College Survival Book?

For roughly the cost of a good meal at a restaurant, to simply purchasing a pair of inexpensive blue jeans which will eventually be worn out over time and no longer reside in your wardrobe… the College Survival Book can be purchased for a very low onetime cost for your entire College and educational career. It will not only last you the full 4 years at College but will also be a great resource throughout your post College life.

We are here to provide you with information about how to choose the right College or University, be well prepared for the application process, successfully transition from High School to your new College and campus life, find and apply on-time for financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships, work-study and much more.

We also include how to obtain the College information you are interested in, financial information that is truly priceless, student life and much more! We match your personal and College educational interests with definitive information to help you succeed in selecting and going to the College of your choice.

We also provide you with the latest inside information on the entire admissions process, financial aid you may qualify for, College planning, all aspects of campus life... the list goes on!

Take a moment to look at the following information which is an overview of some of the great resources you will find in the College Survival Book.

College Graduation And Beyond

Important dates to remember throughout the year while attending College.

Application information, requirements, processing and graduation variations you absolutely need to know about.

  • Includes graduation announcements.
  • Includes cap and gown reservations.

Hotel and restaurant reservations made easy.

Maximizing employment days at College.

How to find a job before graduating.

The big question is “Will you be moving home after graduation?”

Understanding student loan repayment procedures.

Buying a new vehicle after graduation and the extra long-term costs involved.

Financing your new or used vehicle and outlining what it will ultimately cost you.

Buying a used vehicle after graduation and the costs involved.

What are the main questions to inquire about over the phone you absolutely must know.

Are extended vehicle warranties all they are cracked up to be?

How to handle credit card debt after College.

Investment options to consider after graduation.

The World Wide Web And Useful Internet Sites

Current trustworthy internet College resources available to you.

Your College Knowledge Updates And Changes

Updates and changes included.

OnLine resources available to maximize your time and money while at College, including:

  • Communications, financial, general scholarship, insurance, military information and much more!

America’s top national Colleges.

High School administered PSAT test dates / costs.

High School administered ACT test dates / costs.

High School administered SAT and SAT Subject test dates / costs.

Law school admission test ( LSAT ) information.

Medical College admission test ( MCAT ) information.

Optometry admission test ( OAT ) information.

Pharmacy College admission test ( PCAT ) information.

Tuition and fees scheduled to jump.

College considerations that you need to decide upon.

  • The College application process and onLine College information available to you.

How to avoid College related search engine scams.

College onLine applications made simple to understand.

How you can create an effective onLine College application database clearly defined.

Changes in application review methods and procedures that you need to be aware of.

How to apply early and be ahead of all other College onLine applicants made easy, includes:

  • Thinking ahead, have a plan that makes sense and prioritize your College path.

Effective planning outLined in detail for your initial College visit.

Finding scholarships that no one else may be applying for and expanding your financial opportunities.

Filing your FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) on time made simple.

Understanding and completing your SAR (Student Aid Report) made easy.

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