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College life can seem to be somewhat complicated from time to time. The College Survival Book has provided many suggestions and guidance for you to help avoid the pitfalls along the way. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in while at College, from frat party issues to actively participating in campus clubs and activities, there is nothing that we do not explain in great detail to enable you simply succeed the first time around!

What is the purpose of the College Survival Book?

For roughly the cost of a good meal at a restaurant, to simply purchasing a pair of inexpensive blue jeans which will eventually be worn out over time and no longer reside in your wardrobe… the College Survival Book can be purchased for a very low onetime cost for your entire College and educational career. It will not only last you the full 4 years at College but will also be a great resource throughout your post College life.

We are here to provide you with information about how to choose the right College or University, be well prepared for the application process, successfully transition from High School to your new College and campus life, find and apply on-time for financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships, work-study and much more.

We also include how to obtain the College information you are interested in, financial information that is truly priceless, student life and much more! We match your personal and College educational interests with definitive information to help you succeed in selecting and going to the College of your choice.

We also provide you with the latest inside information on the entire admissions process, financial aid you may qualify for, College planning, all aspects of campus life... the list goes on!

Take a moment to look at the following information which is an overview of some of the great resources you will find in the College Survival Book.

College Parties And Your Safety On / Off Campus

How to avoid being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Understanding having a good time with your friends does not have to mean.

  • Underage drinking and Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Dormitory parties and the effect on your College career, including:

  • Small parties as well as Large noisy parties.

Special patrols on party nights and what that means to you as a College student on campus.

Think before you act made easy.

  • Understanding Campus safety and rape awareness while at school.

Fraternities And Sororities

Understanding the real purpose behind these groups.

Types of Fraternities and Sororities available to you.

  • Includes Local / National organizations.

Deciding whether to join or not is ultimately up to you.

Membership outLined in detail.

  • Includes rush and pledging.

Outlining additional help and support as an active member by joining.

Hazing and abuse clearly explained.

Understanding “The House”, colors and letters of these organizations.

Are you prepared for hell night?

The induction process for you as a pledge.

Teamwork and your responsibilities as an active member clearly outLined.

Membership advantages and disadvantages for you to consider.

Conclusion to Fraternities and Sororities as an active member.

Campus Police And Legal Services

Campus legal services available to all College students.

What does double Police enforcement mean to you as a student on campus.

Your right to representation while at school.

Your rights if arrested.

Who can make an arrest?

  • Who can make a citizen’s arrest.
  • What not to do if arrested.
  • Your rights following arrest include.
  • How to obtain release on bail if necessary.

Protecting yourself while at College.

Preventive legal service available to you as a student.

Other legal services for your consideration.

What You Need To Take To College

What you will need to take to College / Free 4-Year check-off list included.

  • Appliances, cleaning supplies, clothing and accessories, entertainment, food supply, house wares, money, personal documentation, personal items, room accessories, school supplies, tools and accessories, transportation and much more!

Moving In / Housing And Contracts

Residence Halls / Dormitories is a great place to start your College career.

Are you ready for move in day?

  • How to save time, money and aggravation when moving into your campus residence.
  • Apartment lifestyle, townhouse living and houses discussed in detail.

How to sign a lease agreement and protect yourself very easily the first time around.

  • OutLines lease contract terms and conditions made easy to understand.
  • How to inspect the premises yourself.
  • Move in inspections / Free inspection check off list included.
  • Move in conditions.
  • Rules – Regulations – Considerations you absolutely need to know.

Considerations for buying-in, leasing and owning while going to College.

  • The benefits of living in an adjacent town.

Renters awareness that you need to understand made simple.

National Insurance companies and their contact information for your personal use.

Making an easy transition the first time on campus.

How to handle homesickness.

How to maximize parents weekend.

Packing for seasonal weather early made easy.

Dealing with laundry while away at school.

Utilizing Post office boxes while attending College.

  • Current U.S. Post office locations and their contact information.


Are you ready to move in with a complete stranger?

Using a student contract and the direct benefit to everyone living together.

  • Includes establishing guideLines and things to consider you may not be aware of.

Utilizing a Roommate agreement / Free roommate agreement included.

Cult Awareness

Recruiting members on campus is a nationwide concern you need to be aware of.

Cult characteristics to be aware of as an incoming College student.

Harmful effects of associating with cult members.

Understanding cult classifications made simple.

  • Includes mind controlling techniques used by these organizations.

Everything You Need To Know About College Diet And Nutrition

Eating right while away at school.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for all College students.

  • Breakfast snack ideas that are simple to remember and make use of.

Exam “Brain” food that can help you easily succeed while at College.

  • Includes Multi-Vitamins and understanding brain functioning.

Outlining College stress and how that will effect going to your class every day.

Recommended hydrational intake for all students.

How to easily maximize your exam preparation and alertness.

Eating on a regular schedule made trouble-free.

Maintaining healthy eating habits.

  • Includes brain food tips you need to know about.

Hangover remedies made simple.

Preventing intoxication.

  • Coping with “The Day After” and how to recover quickly.
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