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There are many choices to make during your College journey. From selecting how many credit hours to enroll for your first semester in College to running your own finances... we've been there time and time again and we will guide you step-by-step on how to succeed! The College Survival Book will help you understand your available options and help guide your College path in making good choices for you as an incoming College student. Simply stated… Get it right the first time around!

What is the purpose of the College Survival Book?

For roughly the cost of a good meal at a restaurant, to simply purchasing a pair of inexpensive blue jeans which will eventually be worn out over time and no longer reside in your wardrobe… the College Survival Book can be purchased for a very low onetime cost for your entire College and educational career. It will not only last you the full 4 years at College but will also be a great resource throughout your post College life.

We are here to provide you with information about how to choose the right College or University, be well prepared for the application process, successfully transition from High School to your new College and campus life, find and apply on-time for financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships, work-study and much more.

We also include how to obtain the College information you are interested in, financial information that is truly priceless, student life and much more! We match your personal and College educational interests with definitive information to help you succeed in selecting and going to the College of your choice.

We also provide you with the latest inside information on the entire admissions process, financial aid you may qualify for, College planning, all aspects of campus life... the list goes on!

Take a moment to look at the following information which is an overview of some of the great resources you will find in the College Survival Book.

Finishing High School And Starting College

Maximizing the benefits of your High School College guidance center.

The pre-college planner is the road map to your future success.

Standardized tests and what they mean to you.

  • Utilizing ACT and SAT study classes.

How to look for and apply to a College of your choice.

Understanding onLine College applications and processes including primary and secondary applications.

  • How to create an application database.
  • How to process your application early.
  • Thinking ahead and how to plan your College path.
  • How to avoid “Senioritis” towards the end of High School.
  • Available onLine answers for your College application process.

Utilizing College fairs and College visits to your benefit.

Understanding the importance of checking the campus layout early.

  • Have a College tour outLine ready to go and asking the right questions.

Have a prepared list of crucial questions while on your College campus tour(s).

  • Myth # 1 the most critical factor in admissions is (buy this book!).
  • Myth # 2 there is a perfect (buy this book!).
  • Myth # 3 we can only afford (buy this book!).

What private Colleges look for in prospective students.

Your High School graduation and beyond.

  • What that means to you as an incoming College student.
  • Your priorities will determine your success in College.

Government Funding Available For College

Financial aid options available directly to you.

Maximizing Federal programs currently offered.

Grants available to you.

  • Pell Grant.
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG).

Work-Study available to you on campus.

Are you a dependent or independent undergraduate student?

Loans that may be readily available to you.

  • Perkins loans.
  • Stafford loans.
  • Plus loans.
  • Direct Plus loans.
  • FFEL Plus loans.
  • Supplemental loans for students program (SLS).

State programs available directly to you the first time applying.

Top 20 fastest growing occupations for your consideration.

Current U.S. Department of Education information.

  • Additional Federal student aid information and support available to you.

College Assisted Military Programs Available

Military requirements you may need to qualify for.

  • Dental insurance available to you if you enlist.

Understanding Military enlisting and the benefits to your overall College planning.

Free Military College tuition available directly to you.

Understanding the Montgomery G.I. Bill.

Eligibility requirements outLined in simplified terms.

College related Enlistments (Army College Fund) currently available to you.

College loan repayment program currently in effect.

R.O.T.C. Programs available while at College.

  • Direct R.O.T.C. Benefits for you to consider as a College student.

Additional Military College funds available and benefits for you.

ALL U.S. Military branches who can assist you with your College planning.

  • Air Force, Army, Army National Guard, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.

Fifty Gift Ideas To Buy For A College Student

    What you may need to take with you to College.

    Includes Free gift check-off list for your use, including:

    • Appliances, automotive, clothing, entertainment, gift certificates, insurance, room
    • accessories, school supplies, transportation and much more!
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