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As a special needs student, your College experience will be a new and exciting challenge as well as unique to your individual necessities. It is Reader’s Choice Publishing’s goal to help you succeed more easily while at College. The College Survival Book outLines your first steps required in obtaining useful information for your academic, financial and campus lifestyle support needed to succeed the first time!

U.S. College campuses have many academic, social and personal growth opportunities available for incoming international College students to participate in. Many of these prospects will not only introduce you to your fellow College students from within the U.S. but will also include new personal relationships with students from around the world. A wide array of activities will open up as well as introductions to individuals who you may never have known otherwise. The College Survival Book includes interesting summaries regarding campus activities available to you. We aspire to help guide your decision making processes to find the right College path within which you'll succeed!

What is the purpose of the College Survival Book?

For roughly the cost of a good meal at a restaurant, to simply purchasing a pair of inexpensive blue jeans which will eventually be worn out over time and no longer reside in your wardrobe… the College Survival Book can be purchased for a very low onetime cost for your entire College and educational career. It will not only last you the full 4 years at College but will also be a great resource throughout your post College life.

We are here to provide you with information about how to choose the right College or University, be well prepared for the application process, successfully transition from High School to your new College and campus life, find and apply on-time for financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships, work-study and much more.

We also include how to obtain the College information you are interested in, financial information that is truly priceless, student life and much more! We match your personal and College educational interests with definitive information to help you succeed in selecting and going to the College of your choice.

We also provide you with the latest inside information on the entire admissions process, financial aid you may qualify for, College planning, all aspects of campus life... the list goes on!

Take a moment to look at the following information which is an overview of some of the great resources you will find in the College Survival Book.

Special Needs College Students

On-campus support services available to all special needs students.

  • Includes special housing, tutoring and dietary information requests.

Taking control of rising College costs for special needs students.

  • Includes transportation while attending College.

OnLine support services available to you with:

  • financial aid information included.
  • general scholarship lists included.
  • disability scholarship lists included.
General scholarship programs available for:
  • Health impairment, hearing loss / deafness, learning disabilities, mobility impairment, visual impairment and Autism Spectrum Disorder ( ASD ).

International College Student Secrets Revealed

The pre-application process for all International College students.

Always the first question asked, “Why study in the United States?”

Direct answers that are simple to understand outlining:

  • Academic excellence within U.S. Colleges available to you.
  • The variety of educational opportunities that currently exist.
  • Cutting edge technology within the United States’ educational setting.
  • Opportunities for research, teaching and training available to you.
  • Program flexibility to fit your individual needs.
  • Support services available for all international College students.
  • Campus life and how to assimilate easily.
  • Understanding global education.

How to choose where to study within the United States.

  • Understanding the United States’ educational system.

Graduate education in the United States.

  • Discovering the right program for you.

Understanding the application process, requirements, timeLine and standardized exams.

How to finance your College plan as an international College student.

  • Current U.S. Colleges and Universities offering financial assistance.
  • What U.S. schools offer financial assistance?
  • International scholarships and international student loans available to you.

Creating your College budget.

Making the “big move” to the United States as an international College student.

Understanding insurance as a College student.

  • Health care available to you both on and off campus.
  • Maximizing health insurance and important questions to consider premiums, deductibles and co-insurance.

Medical expenses can be significant – take control.

Personal safety while studying as an international College student.

  • Travel information and planning ahead for your studies.

Temporary accommodations that are available to you.

Understanding student visa information.

  • Includes type 1 / F1, type 2 / J1 and type 3 / M1 visas.

Understanding student visa information.

Living with your student visa in the U.S. clearly explained.

  • Applying for your visa the first time.
  • When to apply to your consulate for your student visa.

    Understanding how to study and reside easily in the United States.

    • Are you ready for culture shock?

    U.S. holidays and customs you need to be aware of.

    • Understanding American social life and developing deeper friendships easily.

    Different ways of communicating as a global community.

    How to adapt to your new accommodations at school.

    • On and off campus housing and lifestyles explained.

    Money matters when attending College – Understanding your financial obligations.

    • Credit cards and what they really mean to you.

    Transportation option for you to consider while attending College in the U.S.

    What about graduate school.

    • Includes how to finance your educational plan.
    • Includes how to find the right school.

    Maximizing your job search opportunities.

    Visa options you may qualify for, clearly explained and includes:

    • Practice training, non-immigrant visas / H-3 visa ( trainee ), H-1B visa
    • ( specialty occupation ), R-1 visa ( religious worker ), E-1 / E-2 visas
    • ( "treaty trader / treaty investor ) and L-1 visa ( intracompany transfer ).

    Obtaining a green card may be a consideration.

    Most commonly asked questions by a graduate is the topic or employment based immigration, which we clearly define, including:

    • 1st preference: priority workers.
    • 2nd preference: advance degrees.
    • 3rd preference: labor certification.
    • 4th preference: special immigrants.
    • 5th preference: employment creation / investors.

    You may be asking yourself, "What are the U.S. applicants up to?" We explain in great detail!

    Maximizing your high school College guidance center.

    The pre-college planner is the road map to your future success.

    Standardized tests and what they mean to you.

    • Utilizing ACT and SAT study classes.

    How to look for and apply to a College of your choice.

    • Understanding onLine College applications and processes, including primary and secondary applications.
    • How to create an application database.
    • How to process your application early.
    • Thinking ahead and plan your College path made easy.
    • How to avoid “senioritis” towards the end of high school.
    • Available onLine answers for your College application process.
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