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Reader’s Choice Publishing is currently managed by Stephen Hank, who graduated from College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology Management. During his College years, Stephen was awarded a General Assembly Scholarship for each and every year of his College career. This scholarship was based on a review of his College progress achieved at the end of each year. Stephen worked closely with professors as a College teaching assistant and served as Vice-President of the National Association of Home Builders College Student Chapter.

Subsequently he has an impressive track record for over 18-Years as a well established business entrepreneur in both Construction Technology and various automotive fields. Stephen progressed on to become a writer of multiple technical trade related business manuals in both the automotive and other professional fields. He is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with businesses in real estate investing, business training, consulting and publishing. In addition, Stephen is the co-founder and major financial supporter of "Parenting Autism" and has served as a board member as well as establishing a special-needs private homes school program. Stephen is also a highLine car collector / vehicle restoration enthusiast and private pilot.

He is currently a managing partner of a Consulting firm located in Scottsdale AZ and has co-directed the onLine presence of this exciting College information opportunity found at CollegeSurvivalBook.com for You to have the Ultimate College Plan and save tremendous time and money while going to College!

Stephen initially established a nationwide College informational support organization founded in 1990 which originally based the company headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is responsible for the design, development and subsequent implementation of Reader’s Choice Publishing and is the author and designer of “The Ultimate College Survival Book For Your College Education”; a very unique and practical guide for Saving Time and Money with proven time-tested effective strategies while attending the College of your choice.

For this unrivalled College survival book, he has a team of highly skilled business associates, high school College guidance counselors, recruiters, teachers, College graduates, currently enrolled College students and their parents, all of whom collectively participate in and ultimately assist other College students and their families to properly outLine not only the pitfalls of College life but the highlights and the success stories. Also included are proven strategies within the College guidance of students nationwide in todays very competitive and expensive educational setting.

Reader’s Choice Publishing’s Mission Statement is to provide concise, clear and accurate information for students to apply to and subsequently attend the College of their choice. We also strive to minimize direct College expenses in regards to all areas of College life including: banking, campus safety, College dates and deadLines for PSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, OAT, PCAT testing information, financial aid, fraternities, discounted grocery shopping, high school and College graduation, housing and apartment contracts, military opportunities, roommates, international College students, special needs students, textbooks, time, travel as well as maximizing your College academic assistance, budgeting, grants, internships, loans, money, scholarships, teaching assistant positions, work-study opportunities, 2 and 4-Year planning…and much more!

It is the shared vision and aim of Stephen and his highly qualified team at Reader’s Choice Publishing to meet and exceed our extreme expectations in all areas of our Mission Statement. Our success depends on our individual College student’s complete satisfaction and ultimate College success. Reader’s Choice Publishing operates each and every day by reviewing, updating and informing all of our customers through product updates, weekly e-newsletters and ongoing College support to ensure that You have every time and money saving strategy and opportunity available without delay throughout your 2 or 4-year College career.

Please remember… “You don’t have to be a genius to go to College…Just have a great plan!”

Best of luck !

Founder 1990

stephen hank
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