"The Ultimate Survival Book For Your College Education"

by Reader's Choice Publishing

Welcome to the website of “The Ultimate Survival Book For Your College Education” by Reader's Choice Publishing. This book is written from real life College survival and success experiences by our author and company support staff.

Why look back in a few years time and think “How much easier and more successful would my College life have been had I purchased the College Survival Book?”. For a small one time investment of only $9.95, this practical, time and money saving book will pay for itself over and over again.

The Ultimate Survival Book For Your College Education, by Reader's Choice Publishing.

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You will find invaluable information for student life on housing, roommates, social circles, how and where to get free textbooks, how to financially fund your college expenses on your own, academic assistance, transportation, available government funding programs just to name a few. We research and update all our information on a weekly basis so you know you're getting the latest College news and information with our current PDF file download, not something that was available a year ago!

We guarantee that this guide will save you time and money for the duration of your College years.

Reader's Choice Publishing has made it very simple for you to get a hold of this book immediately. It is published in PDF file format so you can start reading and using the information right away. You can purchase and download it from this website on our SSL secure server with any major credit card through our simple shopping cart checkout.

You will get every one of the valuable sections below and much more. In fact you will get over 300 pages of the best information available on how to succeed in college . . .

The following topics are just some of the "how to" areas you will find covered within the book. Just one of the topics below is worth the $9.95 you will be paying for the entire College Survival Book!


How to find

  • financial aid
  • grants
  • internships
  • loans
  • private College aid
  • scholarships
  • state aid
  • work-study

How to

  • apply to the College of your choice onLine
  • maximize your High School College guidance center
  • prepare for and complete your College prep
  • stand out from the rest of the applicants

How to

  • determine and develop admissions strategies
  • easily find the right career path for you
  • save time when applying to College
  • succeed at College admissions requirements

How to succeed with

  • PSAT testing
  • ACT testing
  • SAT testing

Important testing dates for your


Find out more information about your:

College Choices


How to find

  • available government funding
  • and choose part time jobs

How to find free

  • available textbooks
  • College travel
  • gas for College

How to

  • get paid while you study
  • make money while attending College
  • manage your money
  • minimize the distractions
  • not get stuck paying your roommates rent
  • not get stuck with your roommates utility bills
  • resist the temptations
  • save 40% to 60% off your grocery bill every time

Find out more information about your:

College Money


How to

  • deal with common College anxiety and stress
  • develop effective study habits
  • easily access more study time and participate in campus activities
  • get to know your College counselor and plan ahead
  • guarantee your attendance of every class while at College
  • have an easier 4-year class load and still graduate on time
  • manage your time better
  • organize your College life to succeed
  • overcome the procrastination habit
  • pack the right stuff for College the first time
  • register for the classes you want and diversify your class load the first time
  • streamLine your College plan by utilizing the right people

Find out more information about your:

College Time


How to

  • be safe at all times while on campus
  • determine if a Fraternity or Sorority may be the right choice for you
  • easily move in to your campus residence the first time
  • eat right while at College
  • have what you need while going to school
  • make the most of campus police services while attending College
  • maximize summer school benefits to your overall College plan

Find out more information about your:

College Life


How to

  • be sure you graduate on time
  • find the right job before graduating from College
  • graduate with top grades and achievements
  • minimize always owing somebody something
  • reduce long-term financial dependence and maximize your money
  • survive after graduation

Find out more information about your:

College Graduation


How to

  • find on-campus support services for special needs College students
  • find and apply for disability related student scholarships
  • take control of rising costs for special needs College students

We have also included a special interest section for international College students:

How to

  • achieve academic excellence within the United States’ College system
  • apply for your U.S. College type 1 / F1 , type 2 / J1 , type 3 / M1 student visas
  • discover the right program and choose where to study in the United States
  • easily find opportunities for research, teaching and training
  • finance your College plan as an international student
  • make the “big move” to the United States

How to find

  • international College student scholarships
  • international scholarships and student loans for Colleges within the United States
  • support services for international College students

Find out more information about your:

Special Interest

We're sure you will agree having reviewed the "How to" sections above that just one of these areas outLined is worth more to you than the cost of this entire College Survival Book, (suggested retail price $19.95).

You will get every one of the valuable sections listed above and much more. In fact you will get over 300 pages of the best information available on how to succeed in college . . .

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